Support for Sizewell C


Local and national support for Sizewell C and nuclear
is growing


Polling by ICM shows that the majority of people in East Suffolk want Sizewell C to go ahead.

A large local majority say nuclear is needed as part of the energy mix (70%) and that it could help Britain become more self-sufficient (70%).

According to YouGov, national support for nuclear has risen too, up 21 points since summer 2021.


Why do so many people across Suffolk support Sizewell C?

The thoughts and suggestions of all our stakeholders, whether they’re local businesses, residents, charities or schools are incredibly important to us.

Click on the video to hear from residents and businesses about what Sizewell C means for them and for Suffolk.

"The important thing is to focus on our long-term energy security. That means more renewables, more offshore wind and indeed more nuclear." The Rt. Hon. Rishi Sunak MP, Prime Minister, October 2022
"Sizewell C can play a vital role in levelling up and regenerating local economies; providing jobs during construction; and leaving a legacy of skills that bring lasting benefits to places such as Lowestoft and Waveney." The Hon. Pete Aldous MP, Member of Parliament for Waveney, Suffolk, May 2022
"On Sizewell, we're in favour of it. It will bring high-quality jobs, and that's very important in a region such as the eastern region." The Rt Hon. Keir Starmer MP, Labour Party Leader, September 2021
"Because the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine, we will need another critical source of cheap and reliable energy and that is nuclear." The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, March 2023
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Businesses back Sizewell C

Over 70% of the £14bn construction value of the project will be spent in the UK. That’s why hundreds of businesses from across the UK have joined the Sizewell C Consortium to support the project.

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Friends of Sizewell C has been set up for our many supporters in East Suffolk. If you’re from the area you can stay informed about the project by signing up to our Friends of Sizewell C bulletin.