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A Career in Nuclear Energy

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After entering the formal construction phase in early 2024, Sizewell C will have a growing choice of long-term, well-paid job opportunities for anyone interested in working in the energy sector. Explore our current jobs below.

If you’re interested in working on our site or with any of our contractors, please click the button below to visit our jobs hub.

"I really enjoy working in the nuclear industry applying physics to projects that will help us tackle climate change and I hope to encourage others to join our industry." Jessica Cliff, Nuclear Engineer, SZC and HPC
"We are not apart from the community, we are part of the community." Colin Tucker, Nuclear Safety Group Head, Sizewell B
"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Suffolk worth billions of pounds to the regional economy and I am committed to ensure this brings a positive legacy for local people for generations to come." Sarah Hancock, HR Director, Sizewell C
"We all want to drive to have a Net-Zero economy for the country and we're planning now to build Sizewell C next door to Sizewell B. When we combine the two power stations, we'll be able to provide safe, reliable, low-carbon power 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to over 8 million homes, which I think for me, is a fantastic goal to aim for." Robert Gunn, Sizewell B Station Director
"I love the format of my apprenticeship. I’m getting hands-on experience on site, while also studying for a degree at the University of Exeter. It means I’ve got my foot on the career ladder already – all while avoiding taking out a huge student loan." Anna Gates, Civil Engineering Apprentice, Hinkley Point C
"The thought of having a major infrastructure project on our front door that will ultimately deliver safe, reliable low-carbon electricity... what an opportunity for the children of the future of this area." Mark Scrancher, Technical and Safety Manager, Sizewell B

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