Boosting the UK economy

British business - the backbone of our supply chain

Sizewell C is a huge new opportunity for businesses in the nuclear supply chain with thousands of companies across the UK set to benefit, all of which will help to “level up” the country.

of Sizewell C’s project’s construction spend will go to UK companies helping them to embed nuclear skills and expand their workforce.

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  • 2.6k
    Suffolk construction jobs
  • 70k
    UK jobs supported
  • £4b
    Into the regional economy
  • 6m
    Homes powered
  • 9m
    Tonnes of CO2 avoided every year of operation

Our procurement strategy

Since the government announced its support for Sizewell C, we have started to secure a range of goods, works and services required to build and operate our power station.

Because we are building a near replica of Hinkley Point C, we will be using many of the supply chain companies and services they do, while creating brand new opportunities for businesses in the East of England and further afield.

Required services

The goods, works and services we need include, but are not restricted to, the categories below.

  • Nuclear services agreements

    For the provision of nuclear-related engineering services (including feasibility studies) to ensure the design replicates HPC’s detailed design together with ancillary services, resources, methodologies and tools.

  • Inspection

    Independent third-party inspection services contracts.

  • Project delivery and management

    Project delivery/management and integration services including a PDO Delivery Integration Principal Supplier, Contract Management Principal, Project Management and Supply Chain Assurance Partner.

  • Engineering design

    Engineering design services contracts, including for the Ultimate Diesels Generators (including FEED services).

  • Mechanical and engineering

    Mechanical, engineering, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, services and work.

  • Civil works

    A broad civil works programme including advanced works (civils programme ecology services, civils programme archaeology services etc.), associated developments, site establishment, earthworks and enabling, buildings and infrastructure, intake and outfall structures, and site operations and logistics.

  • Civil engineering

    Civil engineering services required for the construction of the nuclear power station (e.g. site clearance, foundations, plant buildings, various marine construction works, supply rail lines, staff accommodation, road improvements etc).

  • Rail

    Rail-related contracts such as track upgrades, level crossing works and telecoms development services.

  • EPR technology

    EPR technology, and associated goods and services including the supply and installation of nuclear steam supply systems, associated instrumentation and control systems (e.g. reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, pressurised main coolant lines and reactor coolant pumps) together with ongoing/long term operation and maintenance.

    Other EPR technologies required include supply and installation of two conventional power islands, adapted for the nuclear context and the EPR, including the 1,770 MW ARABELLE steam turbine, generator, steam diversion valves and associated kit, other critical equipment, related engineering services and studies, and ongoing/long term operation and maintenance.

  • Back office

    A range of back-office services such as HR, employee help-desk, property management, procurement, payroll, finance.

  • Instrumentation and controls

    The supply of standard instrumentation and control systems (safety I&C) comprising automation and safety systems for the continuous monitoring and control of the plant parameters Instrumental and controls early works.

  • Insurance and brokerage

    Insurance and brokerage services.

  • Fleet and refuelling

    Fleet (including buses) and refuelling equipment.

  • IT

    IT systems and services.

  • Nuclear fuel

    Fuel assembly supply contracts including contracts for the supply of Enriched Uranium Product.

  • Professional services

    Professional services agreements such as financial, management consultancy, tax and legal services.

  • Equipment portfolio

    Equipment portfolio contracts covering three programmes (Nuclear Island, Conventional Island-Balance of Plant and Civil Works).

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment services and temporary resource contracts.

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Local supply chain information

The Sizewell C Supply Chain website was set up in collaboration with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to help companies in Suffolk and the wider regions of Norfolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire engage with our Tier 1 suppliers and stay up to date on relevant project news.

If you are a local business interested in working with us, you can sign up on their website.

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Opportunities across the UK

Thousands of companies across the UK are set to benefit from Sizewell C. Around 3,700 companies nationally are working on Hinkley Point C. Sizewell C will help to put the British nuclear industry on an even stronger footing.

If you’re a business outside of Suffolk looking for opportunities within the Sizewell C supply chain, we invite you to register via the CompeteFor supplier portal for more information.

Supply chain features Supply chain features Supply chain features Supply chain features
Supply chain features Supply chain features Supply chain features Supply chain features

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