Charity CEO says Sizewell C will make positive impact to deprived areas

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 7 August 2020 | 2 min read

Sizewell C gives Suffolk the opportunity to address some very real social issues that pockets of the county are living with.

At Inspire Suffolk we work directly with people living in these areas.  We specialise in youth work with our Head Office based in South East Ipswich and outreach work through rural locations reaching up to and including Lowestoft.

We specialise in youth interventions for NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) and pre-NEET young people and through sport and physical activity improve health, confidence and self-esteem in children and young people and courses to help re-engage them to think about possible careers.  We strive to ensure all young people on our education programmes move on positively with their lives and into the opportunities available to them.

We are already working alongside Sizewell C as we believe that by delivering a clear education, skills and employment strategy, the power station will have a positive impact on the county and leave a meaningful legacy for those we regularly work with at Inspire Suffolk.

The programmes we are working on with Sizewell C now will increase work readiness in areas that have seen fifth generational unemployment.  By introducing courses such as ‘Step Up into Energy’ we can make the most of the growing nuclear and renewable energy sector on the East Coast and give local people access to employers.  We are reaching people furthest away from the job market and giving them access to well-paid, long term careers which Sizewell C can offer.

I have met with organisations working with Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the sister project for Sizewell C.  I was encouraged by what I heard, by how the project is engaging with young people and making a real difference to their lives.  We can and we will do this in Suffolk by continuing to work with Sizewell C.  Our work to date shows us that that this is an area where we can make a difference together, not just delivering employment for Sizewell C but upskilling the community to work in other areas too, all of this is good news for the our most deprived areas of the county.

Terry Baxter
Inspire Suffolk

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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