Sizewell C partner with Project 21 to offer opportunities to people with Down’s Syndrome

By Nick Osbourne | Published on 21 March 2024 | 4 min read

A new partnership between Sizewell C and Project 21 is to offer more opportunities to people with Down’s Syndrome at the new nuclear power project on the Suffolk coast.

Announced on World Down Syndrome Day, up to five work placements will be available to people with Down’s Syndrome this year, with Sizewell C also funding a full-time position at Project 21 to oversee and coordinate placements and provide support over the next two years.

Sizewell C and Project 21 – a charity that provides innovative, exciting experiences and opportunities for people of all ages and abilities with Down’s Syndrome – had already taken the first steps in the partnership by organising a work experience placement earlier in the year.

Alex Munn, Founder and Project Manager, Project 21, said: “We are so excited to build on the great things we’ve started with this partnership. The opportunities this opens up to our community are endless, and the difference it will make is immeasurable.

“We can’t wait to see more people with Down’s Syndrome in fulfilled, purposeful work placements, gaining the skills they deserve to progress with their careers in various avenues. We are really looking forward to developing on this with Sizewell C and seeing what we’re able to achieve together in the future.”

The new partnership will offer people with Down’s Syndrome opportunities to experience work placements in a variety of roles across the Sizewell C organisation, from the Visitor Centre which is shared with the operational power station Sizewell B, to the Sizewell C Information Office.

Marjorie Barnes, Head of Regional External Affairs and Development, Sizewell C, said: “Sizewell C is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for this area, and it’s really important to us that these opportunities are available to everyone, especially those who might otherwise find it difficult to access these kinds of experiences.

“That’s why Project 21 is a such great match for us. The work they do in opening up experiences to people with Down’s Syndrome across the region is really inspirational. Our first placement, Andreas, has been a brilliant addition to the Visitor Centre team and we’re looking forward to working with more people to fill the placements this year.”

Andreas Johnson, the first of the Project 21 work placements, is coming to the end of an eight-week placement at Sizewell Visitor Centre before joining the Sizewell C team in Leiston. The Visitor Centre recently announced it had passed 100,000 visitors since opening in 2012.

Andreas said: “I love going to work each Monday. I am very proud of what I have achieved whilst at Sizewell. I enjoy working with new people and showing groups around the Visitor Centre, which is very interesting. I feel a valued and important member of the team and like helping to get ready for new groups and tidying away and organising the PPE after they have left. Thank you to Sizewell for giving me this great opportunity.”

While at the Centre, Andreas’s work included supervising groups of visitors who come to find out more about nuclear energy and tour the Sizewell B power station.

Sarah Osborne, Lead Visitor Centre Co-Ordinator, said: “It’s been wonderful to have Andreas here for the last few months. He very quickly became an important member of the team, and he’s made a significant contribution since arriving. Next week is his last week at the Visitor Centre – and we will all miss him.”

This latest partnership followed news that Sizewell C is to work with Women into Construction to enable the project coast to access a larger pool of talented women to join the team.

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