Sizewell C and the new UK Energy Strategy

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 7 April 2022 | 2 min read

The role of nuclear in the energy security strategy is a welcome indication of government intent, that Sizewell C is ready to deliver on. As the next proposed nuclear power station, Sizewell C will build upon the heritage of Sizewell B and the nuclear renaissance underway at Hinkley Point C to support the UK’s energy security and climate ambitions. This combined with the project underway to extend the life of Sizewell B by 20 years will provide reliable, low-carbon power to millions of homes for decades to come.

The commitment to nuclear in the government’s strategy complements the Nuclear Energy Financing Act that recently passed through parliament, providing a financing model for future nuclear new build in the UK.  More nuclear on the system will lower consumer bills in the long term and as Sizewell C is a near replica of Hinkley Point C it will drive down construction costs.

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, Managing Director of Sizewell C said:  

At a time when energy security and decarbonisation are top of mind, the government’s prioritisation of nuclear as a bridge between both is to be welcomed. Sizewell C is ready to help meet this ambition. A fleet approach to gigawatt nuclear, including further builds after Sizewell C, will enable the benefits of replication to be realised – ensuring an enhanced UK supply chain and skills, and efficiencies and greater speed in deployment.”

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