Summer holiday science

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 21 October 2022 | 2 min read

Hundreds of children are visiting Sizewell B with their families over the summer holidays to take part in free science themed activity fun days.

Today children are looking at light and prisms and making kaleidoscopes with the help of the visitor centre guides.

Next week the centre will be looking at the wonders of the human body thanks to support from the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS) who are loaning CPR dummies for the event.  Visitor Centre Guide Elizabeth is a volunteer with SARS, a charity that provides specialist volunteer responders to the Ambulance service.

During the final week of the school holidays families will be putting chemistry lessons to the test by creating mini volcanos.  The science behind sound will be explored with a contest to see who can make the noisiest instrument.

Sarah Osborne, Sizewell visitor centre coordinator, said:  “We have been delighted by the popularity of the summer science workshops.  They are a great fun way to keep children entertained whilst learning something new over the school holidays.”


Thursday 22 August:

Humans, how do we work? Explore our senses and skeletons

Wednesday 28 August:

Summer science finale – let’s try the messiest and loudest experiments!


Activities are aimed at primary and pre-school children but all ages are welcome. Pre-booked power station tours are available for those age 11 years and above.

To find out more details please contact: or 01728 653974.

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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