Nuclear project marks start of an exciting career for young apprentice

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 26 March 2021 | 3 min read

Hinkley Point C is making incredible progress on-site in terms of construction, but we are also working hard to make sure the project benefits local people. The benefits range from increasing local employment, to the development of a sustainable regional supply chain and the advancement of new training facilities and qualifications. The same impact could be seen at Sizewell C…

The construction of Sizewell C would create approximately 25,000 roles on the main development site during the construction phase. We are aiming to meet the nuclear sector target of a 40% female workforce and a minimum target of 1,000 apprentices. There will also be a need for a significant workforce in non-construction roles, both directly and in the supply chain.

If you would like to support our proposals for Sizewell C, you can find out more and take part in the current stage of consultation here.



Meet Joe Swords. At just 18 years old the Electrical Engineer Apprentice is the youngest member of the Balfour Beatty team working at Hinkley Point C, but he’s wasting no time in making the most of the opportunity…

How did the job come about?

From word of mouth from people I was doing work experience with at Crossrail in London. I was really excited when I was invited for an interview with Balfour Beatty. It was such a great opportunity to work with a big company.

What made you want to get cracking on a career at 17?

I wanted to get hands-on experience of the world of work and build up my skills for the future.

What drew you to Hinkley Point C?

I’d heard about how big the project is for the whole UK and wanted to see how big it could be for me.

How does the electrical engineering apprenticeship work?

I spend Mondays at college in Bridgwater and four days on-site which I love as I’m constantly learning new things.

What aspects have you enjoyed most so far?

Getting things ready for the tunnel boring machines to start work.

What’s the best thing about working at Hinkley Point C?

The diversity. There are people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. Everyone has their own way of doing things so it’s teaching me a variety of different approaches.

What does the future hold?

This is shaping my future and my career. After my apprenticeship I’d love to go to Germany to learn how to build and maintain tunnel boring machines. With that under my belt I can go anywhere in the world!

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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