New report recommends 10GW of new nuclear

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 18 June 2020 | 2 min read

We welcome the latest report from Energy Systems Catapult confirming the important role new nuclear has in helping the UK reach Net Zero targets, recommending at least a further 10GW of established reactor designs are built. We are committed to doing our bit through Hinkley Point C, which has established an approved detailed design for the UK, and through Sizewell C which use the same approved design. Each will save 9 million tonnes of CO2 every year of operation.

This report recognises the value in a programme of planned capacity rather than unconnected projects, and recognises the role of nuclear in providing heat as well as electricity.

Earlier this month, Hinkley Point C reached another major milestone by completing the second reactor base on the scheduled date set more than four years ago. The experience gained on the first identical unit has led to significant increases in productivity through steps such as digitalisation and increased use of prefabrication. This experience will benefit Sizewell C, and enable costs to fall. As the report says, provided that costs fall ‘ the deployment decision regarding large new nuclear is not whether to start, but when to stop’.

At Sizewell C we reached a key point in the programme when we submitted the planning application in May.  We continue to benefit from the design work from Hinkley Point C and take on the lessons learned, to benefit Suffolk’s proposed new power station which will boost the local economy and provide high skilled jobs for decades to come. Hinkley Point C has already signed contracts worth more than £1.7bn in the South West, created 10,000 jobs and provided work to more than 2,500 suppliers spread throughout the UK. We hope to bring similar regional benefits to the East of England and provide continuity for our UK supply chain.

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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