New recruits and new office space for Sizewell C

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 27 July 2021 | 2 min read

Saxmundham resident Beth Hillis has joined the Sizewell C team in Leiston on an Industrial Placement as a Trainee PA in the Financing and Economic Regulation team.

Beth has been joined by eight interns this Summer, all from local universities who are each working with different areas of the Sizewell C project and gaining invaluable experience working with the team hoping to build the UK’s next nuclear power station.

Beth’s first job was to help establish new office space for the growing team in Leiston. The team are now located on the High Street and the Leiston Enterprise Centre.

Speaking about the appointment, Beth said: “Living locally, I had heard about the project while I was growing up but never fully appreciated the opportunities on my doorstep. As I got older however, more local people started working here and I was keen to get involved.

“In September last year, I found myself in a very hard situation both financially and emotionally following a personal situation. When I heard about the Trainee PA job through my local Jobcentre I applied immediately as I had wanted an office job for some time and felt Sizewell C would be an incredible company to work for.”

Beth’s varied role as a trainee PA, means she gains experience working with all areas of the project, organising meetings and helping out at the Leiston Information Office three days a week.

Beth says: “I’ve been kept busy preparing the new office space at the Leiston Enterprise Centre, booking visits and any other extra bits I can help out with. It is a very varied role! After being here for three months or so, I have learned so much about the project and couldn’t be happier playing my part.”

If Sizewell C is approved the station will deliver thousands of jobs for local people like Beth and 1,500 apprenticeships too.

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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