New pipeline to help deliver a secure and sustainable water supply for Suffolk

By Nick Osbourne | Published on 17 November 2023 | 2 min read

Sizewell C is to start formal negotiations this month with Essex & Suffolk Water, part of Northumbrian Water Limited, to help fund the construction of a new water main for the region.

The 28km pipeline route is expected to run from Barsham to Saxmundham, and it will be sized to provide more water than Sizewell C needs, increasing water availability for the local area too.

Sizewell C will help to pay for the new pipeline, which will be capable of delivering more water than the area around Sizewell C will need by the early 2030s.

Julia Pyke, co-managing director of Sizewell C, said: “Despite the recent floods in the area, East Anglia is one of the driest parts of the country and has been classified by the Environment Agency as a Serious Water Stressed Area. Through our water supply plan for Sizewell C, we’ll be able to play our part in helping to deliver a secure and sustainable water supply for the area in the long term.

“The new pipeline will help meet the wider demand and build resilience in the water network in the area. And it’s another example of how Sizewell C is leading the way to tackle climate change and its consequences head-on.”

The new pipeline is one of a package of investments proposed by the water company to the Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs (Defra) to maintain a secure water supply for residents whilst also supporting economic growth and protecting the environment.

Sizewell C is a new 3.2GW nuclear power station due for construction on the coast Suffolk. It will generate enough low-carbon electricity to power six million homes for at least sixty years, saving nine million tonnes of CO₂ for every year of operation.

The project will support 70,000 jobs across the UK and rely on over 3,000 UK-based suppliers. Once operational, Sizewell C is expected to contribute £40m a year to the local economy and the power station will employ 900 people in high-skilled, well-paid jobs.

Posted by Nick Osbourne

Nick is Sizewell C's Media Relations Manager