Meet the buyers – first Sizewell C contracts in reach

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 16 July 2021 | 3 min read

Sizewell C, the Civil Works Alliance and the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce held an event this week for companies keen to work on the first parts of the project.

The ‘Meet the Buyer’ webinar is an opportunity for local firms to speak directly with the Sizewell C Civil Works Alliance responsible for awarding business contracts on the Sizewell C Civil Programme.

Steven Carroll, Sizewell C Supply Chain Manager, said: “Around £1.5 billion will be spent in the Suffolk region during the construction phase of Sizewell C and it is vitally important that local firms talk with us now to make sure they are ready to take part in the project.”

Areas where the first contracts will be awarded on the Sizewell C Civil Programme include the advanced works to establish the site and also the associated developments which help the project take place, such as park and ride facilities for workers and road and rail improvements.

Sarah Williamson, Sizewell C Civil Programme Director, said: “We are confident that many of the skills and services we are looking for can be fulfilled by the regional supply chain so events like these are really key to bringing the project and local businesses together.”

Kurt Hutcheon from the Sizewell C Civil Works Alliance said: “We were really pleased to meet up with so many Suffolk businesses who were passionate and keen to work on the Sizewell C project.  The event was a great opportunity to talk about what we require in the early stages of the construction of the power station and to hear what local businesses can deliver, it is clear to us that Suffolk has a lot to offer.”

Steven Carroll added: “The evidence from Hinkley Point C in Somerset shows clearly that companies who invested time and effort early on to understand the potential of the project, were the most successful during the tender and building process so we are delighted this event is being well supported by the Suffolk business community.”

Sizewell C will deliver significant economic benefits to Suffolk

  • 2,600 workers will likely come from the local area during peak and we are aiming to enable 1,500 apprenticeships
  • £125m a year during construction and £40m a year during operation will enter the regional economy
  • 900 highly skilled staff will operate Sizewell C
  • East of England companies have so far won contracts worth over £900m at HPC and are well placed to work on Sizewell C
  • 1,400+ East Anglian companies are registered on the Sizewell C supply chain portal


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