Gender balance – getting the right mix

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 8 March 2021 | 2 min read

Caroline Powell, Sizewell C Gender Balance Network Chair, explains the importance of gender balance.

“Sizewell C gives us an exciting opportunity to develop a team which reflects society – balanced. By starting fresh we get to shape a project that we can all be proud of, we can set ourselves challenges and push ourselves forward in diversity and inclusion.

“Underpinning this positive ethos with firm sector targets is an important step in our journey towards gender balance which is why I am proud that we have signed the Nuclear Sector Deal.  Signing up to the deal means that we commit to 40% female workforce and 50/50 in our apprentice recruitment.

We have brought in changes since launching our network in 2019. All our employees attend unconscious bias training and we regularly review our recruitment and retention policies. We report on gender targets every 6-months to a Gender Board, with senior leadership review sessions held each quarter to maintain focus and drive actions to yield results.

I should add that we have amazing women in our business and want to encourage more to join us.  The responsibility sits with us to celebrate those trailblazers that are making a difference now.  From the female crane drivers at our sister project Hinkley Point C through to the Civil Engineers working on Sizewell C.  We share our positive role models through Young Sizewell C and with education leaders to break down barriers and show the breadth of roles available through the project and hopefully sow the seed that ‘I could do that’.


Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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