Suffolk suppliers gather to look at accommodating Sizewell C workers

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 11 November 2021 | 3 min read

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Sizewell C are continuing with a programme of events for local businesses keen to work on the construction of Suffolk’s new power station.

This week, suppliers interested in working in the accommodation sector for the project came together to discuss how they might be involved in helping to house workers. About 7,800 workers will be required at peak construction to build Sizewell C and a third of those are expected to be homebased and the remainder will require accommodation.

Steve Carroll, Sizewell C senior supply chain manager, said: “Ensuring the workforce is rested and catered for is a vital service to deliver a safe and reliable build schedule for the project and we feel this is a service that local businesses could help provide without impacting the important tourism sector.  We have found in Hinkley Point C that this has not been affected and in fact the system in place has helped accommodation services that would normally be dormant over winter have a year-round business.”

Sizewell C is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Suffolk and will be a catalyst for regional growth, helping the local economy to recover after Covid. The Sizewell C consortium of over 200 businesses estimate that the project is worth £4.4 billion to the region and £2 billion to Suffolk. The project wants as many local firms as possible to take part in the delivery of Suffolk’s new nuclear power station, which will not only save 9 million tonnes of CO2 every year of its operation, but will be vital in supporting the growth of local businesses.

Credit: Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

Any business interested in working with Sizewell C should register on the supply chain portal managed by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce:

Sizewell C accommodation strategy

Sizewell C will maximise local recruitment of the workforce so that local people can benefit from the economic opportunities and social mobility offered.

We have a balanced Accommodation Strategy for those non-homebased workers which makes use of existing local accommodation where possible, in order to deliver local economic benefits, but also seeks to avoid impacts on the local accommodation market by providing temporary project accommodation of a 2,400 bed campus on the main development site and a caravan park with up to 400 pitches (with an estimated occupancy of 1.5 workers per caravan) on the land east of Eastlands Industrial Estate in Leiston (LEEIE).

We will also establish a Housing Fund to support the local housing market during the construction phase by boosting and improving the efficiency of existing supply, providing resilience, and supporting the delivery and management of tourist accommodation.

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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