Sizewell C: Investor opportunity

Backed by the right funding model, with the right political support, and the right Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, Sizewell C will deliver for investors and for British households.

  • 2.6k
    Suffolk construction jobs
  • 70k
    UK jobs supported
  • £4b
    Into the regional economy
  • 6m
    UK homes powered
  • 9m
    Tonnes of CO2 avoided every year of operation
"Just this week, we took a significant long-term decision to raise funding for Sizewell C - putting beyond all doubt our commitment to decarbonising our power sector." The Rt Hon. Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, September 2023
"Investing in Sizewell C is an opportunity to be part of the UK’s nuclear revival" The Rt Hon. Claire Coutinho MP, Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary, September 2023
"On Sizewell, we're in favour of it. It will bring high-quality jobs, and that's very important in a region such as the eastern region." The Rt Hon. Keir Starmer MP, Labour Party Leader, September 2021
"Here’s the one-sentence case for nuclear power: It’s the only carbon-free energy source that can reliably deliver power day and night, through every season, almost anywhere on earth, that has been proven to work on a large scale." Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft Corp., Feb 2021
"To encourage the private sector investment into our nuclear programme, I today confirm that subject to consultation, nuclear power will be classed as “environmentally sustainable” in our green taxonomy, giving it access to the same investment incentives as renewable energy." The Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, March 2023

Why invest in Sizewell C?

Sizewell C will deliver secure, long-term regulated investment. It will replicate the design of the Hinkley Point C power station in Somerset, which is now five years into construction, reducing build costs and risk.

Through its 10 to 12-year construction period, and for at least 60 years of operation, Sizewell C will deliver index-linked returns for investors. Funding will be raised through a Regulated Asset Base (RAB) model, which has already been used to finance £200bn of infrastructure assets in the UK. Investors share project risk and costs with consumers, while a Government Support Package will protect investors from remote high-impact risks.

In September 2023, the government launched the formal process to raise private investment for the power station. You can read more about that announcement in our news blog.

Diggers on the Sizewell C site with Sizewell B in the background
Project milestones

What we’ve achieved so far

A look back at the project’s progress and important moments.

How can you invest in Sizewell C?

Potential investors are being invited to take part in a pre-qualification process which will help to identify those with substantial experience in delivering large infrastructure projects.

More information about this process and completing the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) can be found here on the government’s website. To request the PQQ, potential investors should email

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