Build and repeat - the benefits of replication

Hinkley Point C (HPC) in Somerset is the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK for a generation. Sizewell C will use the same design as HPC and will be building the third and fourth in a series of UK EPR reactors.

HPC has created a huge workforce and supply chain that will be able to apply their skills to Sizewell C. Replication means Sizewell C will benefit from all the efficiencies and expertise learned by our sister project.

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2023 highlights

2023 saw some incredible achievements at HPC including a successful dome lift onto the first reactor building.

Excellent progress is being made on HPC’s construction but there’s still time if you’d like to get involved and join the effort. Visit our joint SZC-HPC jobs service to explore our vacancies.

Reactor design

HPC and SZC will use the same UK EPR design which incorporates the latest advances in nuclear reactor technology.

Each pair of EPRs will be capable of generating 3.2GW of low-carbon electricity, enough to supply around 6 million homes.

Visit HPC’s webpage for more information on the EPR design.