Suffolk businesses invited to ‘Meet the Buyer’ and put social value at the heart of their pitch

By Marjorie Barnes | Published on 22 September 2022 | 3 min read

Sizewell C sent out a clear LOCAL message to over 250 people, from some of the region's biggest businesses, during its recent Supply Chain Engagement event in Suffolk.

The event, hosted by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce who head up the Sizewell C Supply Chain engagement on behalf of the project welcomed attendees from across East Anglia, to hear updates on the project following the recent decision to grant the development consent order and the further commitment from the UK Government regarding funding support. 

Businesses were introduced to the Civil Works Alliance, the group of lead organisations tasked with overseeing the first 6 years of the project, who in turn emphasised the commitment and desire to use local businesses and local people in the construction of this new nuclear power station.

The project, which has committed to spend over £4bn through the regional supply chain, held the event to ensure those businesses who can impact the project positively in those first crucial years of construction, were informed as to what will be expected of them, especially in key areas such as social value.

Delegates at the event

Speaking during the event, Steve Carroll, Senior Supply Chain Lead from Sizewell C commented; "Events like this are a great way for local businesses to meet our tier one contractors.  We are delighted with the response from the business community and remain focused on ensuring we maximise opportunities for a local supply chain which embraces the same values as our project."

Andy Crump, Deputy Chief Executive, Inspire, said: "We have been working with Sizewell C for a number of years which has been vital to ensure local young people are aware of the project and gain support to access training to prepare them for their next steps into employment. Events like this are a great way for us to meet the wider supply chain and help integrate our members into those organisations which will help deliver Sizewell C and other projects in the region."

Adding his comments after the event, Ashley Shorey-Mills, Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce: "This event is the first of many engagements that we will be planning throughout this 10-12 year project.  Today was a brilliant example of local and regional businesses showcasing how they can make a real difference to Sizewell C and help build the legacy that impacts far beyond construction."

Any business looking to be part of Sizewell C should sign up to the dedicated Supply Chain portal – – Or contact the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce for more information

Posted by Marjorie Barnes

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